The services we offer





From the initial consulting moment until the end of the full process cycle, the Billion G&G Group team follows step by step the whole process

Our consultants accurately and quickly identify the needs of clients by providing the right solution while meeting the specific needs of each case. For us, each client is special and treated specifically by focusing and offering the most favorable solution.



The mission of our Team is to provide the correct service for a real estate transaction between the buyer and the seller or the tenant and the landlord.

All it takes is a call to +355 69 203 3500 and the sale or rental of your property is closer than ever!


Real Estate Management

The Billion G&G Group team comes to your aid for real estate management. Real estate consultants are part of our team with several years of experience in this field and manage a diversified portfolio of assets.

With a diverse customer base, offering the highest standard of professionalism, the Billion G&G Group team helps you to realize the processes of buying, managing, selling or renting properties while maintaining the highest interest of the parties and in record time. 


Real estate appraisal

Many interested clients or owners have little information on the right price at which to market their assets. Our Team consultants help you with a more detailed assessment of your assets. Just schedule an appointment for a visit to the assets and conduct a more specific analysis of the value of your assets in the market.



Billion G&G Group Real Estate, in collaboration with architectural studios, helps clients to improve the functional side of their properties, to design interiors and to implement their works with competitive quality and prices.